Jun 21, 2010

Nicole-0 Incident..

I know many blogs have talked about this so I thought I would just give my opinion. I think that she did something very wrong (and for thouse who don't know what she did.. she scammed Gweene - i think that's her name..- for $50 in march, and she announced on PSG that she was selling her rares and SMW posted a post saying that she was, and then Jenna found out that Nicole was actually a scammer -more info HERE-)

I personally think that she should just apologize and give the money back. And yesterday.. I found out that SD actually deleted her acc. and she made a new one, and most of you know that Mary aka writemarycat used to write for SMW.. well she left, her and Jenna had a disagreement. Click HERE for more info.

I am pretty sad that Mary left. I really liked her posts (Fancy Talks with Mary), her DIY headband. Oh well, I just love her new idea of the BadMediaKarma, I think its a fabulous idea!

I'm ending it here, bye everyone..

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