May 31, 2010

My outfits of the week!

Dear readers!
Every week I will show you the outfits I made during a whole week. I want you to tell me what you think of these looks and which one is your favourite. :D 
I got this idea after reading Boo4Bettz's blog The Fashion Side of Stardoll.. 

So here they are:

What do you think of them?
Which one is your favourite?

May 30, 2010

Eurovision Song Contest

Our European readers will certainly know this.. But for those who don't, yesterday 29th of May 2010, was the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway..
It's an annual song contest where most European countries send artists to, to represent their country. And the winner this year was..... GERMANY! The girl who sang for Germany is called Lena Meyer Landrut and her song is called Satellite. I like the song, but I think there were better songs. She really makes me think of Kate Nash, both her voice as the song style..

Here is the winning song:

What do you think of the winning song?

My absolute favourite was Ukraine and of course I had to support my own country: Belgium! :D

Here are they:

What do you think of these songs? And which one was your favourite song?

May 29, 2010

Stardoll is undercover!

Hello, again! Maybe you noticed that I don't have a banner, I wouldn't know how to make one properly.. So, for now it will have to be like this.. ;)

I have some extra time to write a little something. 
What you will be able to find on this blog is simply EVERYTHING. We will write about everything that comes up in our mind. There will be Stardoll of course, but we will also include our real world. So we will also talk about music, news, but you will maybe find some critical articles, etc. etc. 
I hope you will like the fact that we won't include just Stardoll. Personally I think this is something different.. :)

The ONLY thing I ask from you is to COMMENT.. Like that we can see if people actually read what we write, but like that we can also see what is good and what not and improve. 

You can always make suggestions what we could write about or anything. And if you have requests, you can always send them either  to me (Melissakuh) and maybe to Sophie (becky1605) as well.. For example, if you want a make-over or there is piece in Starplaza you can't make an outfit with. But that's just an example. We are open to everything! 

Talk to you soon! 

Introducing Melissakuh

Hello, dear readers! 
This is my first actual post. And I thought it would be a good idea to first introduce myself...

Here are a few keywords you can link to me and my personality:

Name: Melissa
Age: 19
Country: Belgium, but my roots are in Portugal and France

Work/Study: Studying Pharmacy at college
Status: Single
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Hair Colour: Lightbrown
Eye Colour: Blue

Hobbies: Dancing, shopping and listening to music
Music: A mix of everything from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Music of today doesn't say much to me. 
Style: Depends on the mood
Food: bread, cheeseless pizza (haha) and french fries with mayonaise. 
Drink: Coca-Cola and Passoa Orange.
Perfume: Black XS by Paco Rabanne
Favorite Colour: Purple and black

If there is anything else you'd like to know, you can always ask me in comments or on  ..

Talk to you soon! 

May 28, 2010

New Banner :D

I think you all have noticed.. we have a NEW banner, its gorgeus, as the artist of this amazing graphic.. ForeverGorgeous... She is an amazing person, and an amazing friend :) She worked very hard for this graphic and I thank her so much. Once again, THANK YOU!!

May 27, 2010

How to: Summer Look

I want to start this new thing called HOW TO.. Its baiscly just how to do certain stuff, DIY, make-up, clothing, suite, and maybe stuff in real life too! Today we have.. *drum roll* Summer Look!! Well here are the steps, enjoy!

I am super sorry that I didn't put any steps.. I had to do it really fast (personal problems).. Sorry :( If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

May 26, 2010

The REAL Sophie...

Well hello everyone, This is a bio of me so that you know who I am..

Name: Sofia Stef....(Start only, I am talking to you STALKERS!)
Age: 14
Date of Birth: 16.05.1996
Heigh: 1 meter and 61cm
Weight: 45kg
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
One thing I love about me: My eyes
One thing I hate about me: My feet
Outfit I usually go to school with: Skiny Jeans, A plain white Tee, a Gold chain and A long blue cardigan.
Parfume: Chanel 5•, Harajuku <3 Lovers (LOVE)
Shop I usually buy from: Zara, H&M, Gap, Chanel, Koton
Favorite Websites: Youtube, Stardoll, Facebook
Favorite Colour: Grey, Purple, Aqua
Favorite Movie: Persepolis
Projects Started On SD: OGG, SU, Boutique Magazine
Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew , Sprite
Favorite Food: McDonalds, Chinese, Sushi

Thats it for today.. Anything else you wanna know? ASK! Pic of meself.. TeeHee :)

Let's try this out!

Hello.. I haven't got a banner yet, I hope soon I will be able to make one. Or if you want to do one, you are free to do so. Hahaa
Anyway, my name is Melissa and I am one of the owners of the blog. I just came here to try this out. I will give you a whole introduction of me and my expectations of the blog when I will have more time. I'm a perfectionist, so.. :P

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and I hope it will become big, but that will take time of course.

Love, Melissa


I have to inform you on this HUGE scammer.... BELLISSIMASARA, scammed me for my MK RC, dress and 1000sd, I HOPE THAT SHE GETS DELETED!! I will edit this and put more pics, but right now I am on the another computer that is practicly broken so sorry :(( But please report her for bad language too! You won't belive how she spooke to luceluce, GRRRRR >:(


May 25, 2010

Heyzz =)

Yes, I know, the banner is awful, it was my first try, but I asure you it will be better :)

Well, Stardoll Undercover is originally and unofficially formed by Mellissakuh and Me (Becky1605).. Also, Mellisa is busy with her exams and all, so I will be taking care of SU, Mellisa will probably join us in June - July - Augst - maybe September, I will take new writters and helpers, to "help" me get this blog noticed, and pretty famous I guess..

Any more questions?