May 30, 2010

Eurovision Song Contest

Our European readers will certainly know this.. But for those who don't, yesterday 29th of May 2010, was the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway..
It's an annual song contest where most European countries send artists to, to represent their country. And the winner this year was..... GERMANY! The girl who sang for Germany is called Lena Meyer Landrut and her song is called Satellite. I like the song, but I think there were better songs. She really makes me think of Kate Nash, both her voice as the song style..

Here is the winning song:

What do you think of the winning song?

My absolute favourite was Ukraine and of course I had to support my own country: Belgium! :D

Here are they:

What do you think of these songs? And which one was your favourite song?


  1. Well.. My country Romania, got 3RD!! Yaay!! Well I like the last song that you posted :D Heheh

  2. Yeah, I really liked Romania to! :D
    And then when she hit the high notes, I just got goosebumps!