May 29, 2010

Stardoll is undercover!

Hello, again! Maybe you noticed that I don't have a banner, I wouldn't know how to make one properly.. So, for now it will have to be like this.. ;)

I have some extra time to write a little something. 
What you will be able to find on this blog is simply EVERYTHING. We will write about everything that comes up in our mind. There will be Stardoll of course, but we will also include our real world. So we will also talk about music, news, but you will maybe find some critical articles, etc. etc. 
I hope you will like the fact that we won't include just Stardoll. Personally I think this is something different.. :)

The ONLY thing I ask from you is to COMMENT.. Like that we can see if people actually read what we write, but like that we can also see what is good and what not and improve. 

You can always make suggestions what we could write about or anything. And if you have requests, you can always send them either  to me (Melissakuh) and maybe to Sophie (becky1605) as well.. For example, if you want a make-over or there is piece in Starplaza you can't make an outfit with. But that's just an example. We are open to everything! 

Talk to you soon! 


  1. hi my name is alexia biber and my name on stardoll is sugarbabe123fun ok

  2. hi everyone add me its Venessa i got loads of accounts that are superstar and if you want them just add me sugarbabe123fun ok bye